Transferillo Stencil Gel - 250ml.

  • Марка: Tattoo Pharma RU

Transferillo – a gel for stencil an image to skin before tattooing

Extra strong gel for the most accurate stencil and reliable fixation of the sketch on the skin.

  • Easily applied to skin and fully absorbed by stencil paper.
  • Accurately and deeply stencils each line, fixing it on the skin for a long time.
  • Washing and rubbing of the freshly made tattoo don't affect stencil intensity even over many hours of sessions.
  • Economical use: gel should be applied with a thin layer. 
  • For all skin types and any kind of stencil paper.

Transferillo allows to transfer the image with highest possible accuracy without clarity and intensity loss of even the smallest lines.

Be careful during application!
Transferillo is extremely strong: you can erase the transferred sketch only with alcohol-containing solutions, recommend using Transferaser.
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