THE INKED ARMY - Vaselinum Aloe 1000ml.

  • Кат. номер: VAS-ALOE-1000

Vaselinum Aloe - Vaseline with Aloe Vera Extracts

Aloe and bergamot extracts being part of this tattoo vaseline prevent tattooed skin from dehydrating.


Aloe Vera usually thrives in subtropical and tropical parts of our planet. It also bears the title of "Empress of the healing plants" with its utilization being a century-old tradition.

Active ingredients
In naturopathy this plant has been recognized as an allrounder already a long time ago, containing over 200 different substances which have been verified.
In wound-treatment, therapy of skin-diseases or pain-relief for joints are only a few issues for which aloe is being used. Furthermore cooling and hydrating aspects make it a perfect companion during long and skin-stressing tattoo sessions.

Application during and after tattooing
Vaseline is used during tattooing to keep the skin supple and to remove the excess tattoo color easily and gently. It can also be used as After Care. Our vaseline has pharmacopoeial quality and meets the requirements of the DAB. It is recommended for medical purposes.


  • With Aloe Vera Extracts
  • Vegan
  • Not susceptible to germ formation
  • Meets the requirements of the DAB
  • Recommended for medical purposes
  • Resealable
  • Consistency is similar to that of a tattoo butter
  • Can also be used as a Tattoo After Care
  • Content: 1000 ml
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