Solid Ink - MAX RODRIGUEZ - 12x30ml. Color Set

  • Марка: Solid Ink USA

This set contains the 12 Costa Rican nature inspired colors by Max, check on the individual descriptions to learn more of these extremely rare and exotic hues.

The set comes in a reusable colorful bag, and you will get 12 bottles for the price of 10.

Tattoo artist originally from Costa Rica, where at a very young age he is attracted to the art of tattooing. Hand in hand with his studies at the University of Costa Rica, which has a School of Plastic Arts, he develops a complete passion in the world of ink on the skin.
Close to 20 years old, Max was already a tattoo artist in training and with the passage of time he takes an inclination to work with a lot of color and with this his search has been to improve it and give it a style that little by little is recognized in his country and begins to attract international attention. This leads Max to create a seminar with which he has taken his knowledge and experience to several Latin American countries, leaving in each one their way of applying and solving the details that each artist seeks to improve their work.
His perseverance and search to improve every day have led him to meet great world-class artists and this opens the doors for him to work as a guest in some tattoo studios.
Now Max, as part of Miami Ink, continues to seek to grow as an artist and also to exhibit his work in a different way without neglecting his roots and his Studio 93 in his country, Costa Rica. His goals have no limits or a defined time and his career is evolving every day, all with the sole purpose of continuing to grow, improving and sharing his knowledge as a legacy for new artists.

Тази боя за татуиране е внос и се използва в страните извън Европейския съюз. Тя не е в съответствие с регламента REACH на ЕС, влязъл в сила от 04.01.2022г. и в България се препоръчва само за употреба и упражнения върху силиконова кожа.

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