Perma Blend - TINA DAVIES LUST LIP SET 6 X 15ml.

  • Марка: Perma Blend MakeUp Pigment USA
  • Кат. номер: PERMA-TINA-LUST-LIP-SET-6x15

Tina Davies has created wonderful sets that are the answer to the best-selling lipstick colors in Sephora stores. Each set contains 6 pigments, 6 crayons and 6 lipsticks according to the slogan - Try it, draw it, Ink it! All this to facilitate the choice.


Reimagine your consultations by allowing your clients to try out the color(s) they would like to have done by using our lip blush glosses that are perfectly paired to the pigments. These lip blushes are highly concentrated so apply conservatively with a disposable applicator. During the consultation, you can reference the color chart together with your client for easy selection.

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