Oxxolon Needle Cleaner - 250ml.

  • Кат. номер: OXXOLON-250

Oxxolon, dirty tattoo needles and grip tips are a thing of the past.
A small amount in the water cup replaces used tattoo ink quickly and completely.

With the protective, environmentally friendly corrosion inhibitor, the needles remain pointed longer. In addition, color bleed is prevented in bright colors and the used gray tone is retained.

Put Oxxolon in the water cup. (Mixing ratio 1: 5) Wash out the needle in the water cup and dry with a paper towel. By dunking the tattoo color is removed immediately. The result: Clean needles in no time!
To increase the efficiency, the concentrate can also be used pure in a color cap (Article 30004O). Afterwards, the needle should be washed in a beaker with clear water.


  • Longer pointed needles
  • Prevents blending of colors
  • Dissolves the tattoo ink quickly and completely from the needle
  • Easily biodegradable
  • Content: 250 ml
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