• Кат. номер: INK-JET-120

Additional important information

• Each 4oz bottle will produce roughly 3,000 stencils!
• InkJet Stencils are less than half the price per printed page compared to traditional carbon paper stencils.
• 2 x 4oz bottles is enough to fill the ink reservoirs although 1 is sufficient to work with. 
• InkJet stencils work only with the Epson Eco Tank range of printers - Our suggested compatible models: ET-2750, ET-2700, ET-2650, ET-2600
• This is a carbon-less system so use of the InkJet Stencil Spray is vital to transferring the ink from the tracing paper to the clients skin.
• Once the Inkjet stencil ink has been put into the printer, it must remain upright. Failure to do this will result in air pockets which will prevent the printer from working. 
• If the printer model used has multiple reservoirs for ink, the 4oz bottle must be dispersed across all of them, no reservoirs can be empty at the beginning of the process.
• As reservoirs empty during use, there exists no need to top up until the last reservoir is low. 
• Users must not treat this machine as a multipurpose printer within the studio.
• The printer is to be used only for printing stencils using the Inkjet formula.
• Running regular printer ink through this printer will lead to the possibility of dangerous substances being worked into the tattoo. 
• Regular printer ink and toner can be toxic.
• The Stencil Prep Spray actively balances the skin to the point it is PH neutral. This is something that very few stencil prep solutions do, this is important as obtaining neutrality means that the stencil will take a lot of effort to remove.

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