Ink Machines - TPS-500 COMPLETE KIT FOR SCORPION Wireless Power Supply incl. 2 Powepacks

  • Марка: Inkmachines
  • Кат. номер: INKMAC-TPS-500

NOTE! Scorpion machine is purchased separately. 
The TPS-500 is our second gen wireless power supply. Designed as a modular system so that charger bay and other accessories can be added to the main unit. Small size without external power supply (adapter) makes it ideal for traveling.

Powerpacks are made with leading edge battery technology, only 70 grams that allows 5 hours of effective running time. Communications between the units are by radio for optimal reliability and performance. The TPS-500 system can be customized to suit your needs and combine your tattoo machines whether it’s a Scorpion, Dragonfly, Stingray or a coil machine.

Package Includes:

1pcs TPS-500 main unit

2pcs  Powerpacks for Scorpion

1pcs Charger bay for Scorpion

1pcs WFS foot switch

1pcs Neorail with stand for Neo-cartridges

1pcs USB mini for Neorail

1pcs USB cable for update

1pcs Power cord

1pcs Custom fitted case 34x28x8cm

Made In Sweden

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