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The Hover Power Supply, by the magical minds at Darklab, have created a ‘Practically Telepathic’ power supply! The Hover is packed full of features and benefits to make this one of the best tattoo power supplies to hit the market!

One of the main features; it’s essentially a hands-free power supply! With motion gesture control to enable the increase or decrease of voltage, switch between pre-sets, turn on/off, switch display and more. Now that’s maximum hygiene!

The power unit is Bluetooth enabled so it can connect with your phone and pair with the app to unlock more features and firmware updates. This makes the Hover Power Supply future proof. It’s pre designed to work with upcoming FK Irons & Darklab products and the ability to upgrade firmware via an app on your phone only strengthens this position.

The Hover packs several different connection ports including a dual machine input and USB / USB-C ports to charge your phones, iPads and tablets as well as Darklab battery packs!

Three different display modes:

  • Pro, which shows all readouts and info at a glance.
  • Hertz, showing speed as a priority & volts.
  • Volts, showing volts as a priority & speed.

Features and Specifications

  • Touchless, gesture control operation for ultimate hygiene
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Dual machine input
  • Full rotary and coil display readouts
  • USB & USB-C ports (charge your phones & other devices!)
  • Magnetic mount base
  • Input voltage: 19v
  • Output voltage: 2-17v

Touchless Control Capabilities

  • Swipe air gesture to increase/decrease voltage & navigation
  • AirSwitch: Wave to turn on and off
  • Swipe up to reveal dual timer (track session & machine runtime simultaneously)
  • Swipe down to access up to 10 different voltage pre-sets!
  • Use motion gesture to rotate the display to suit your set up (re-route cables)
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