EZ Tact Memory Foam Cartridge Cover 30pcs./box

  • Марка: EZ Tattoo - Make Easy Tattooing
  • Кат. номер: EZ-TACT-MEMORY-FOAM

30бр./кутия от един цвят.

EZ Tact Memory Foam Cartridge Cover

Grip has the foam so do the cartridges! Here we are to introduce you the EZ Tact Foam. An advanced upgraded over your cartridges.

EZ Tact Foam creates the magnificence spell over your cartridges to revolutionizes your tattooing. A simply foam that would leave a great impact over the cartridges.

  1. It just got easier to control your move.

By adopting the EZ Tact Foam on the cartridges, the movement on the cartridge has been stabilized which allow the artist to have better control over the cartridges. And , switching over the cartridges, was even easier and safer.

  1. Just the right comfort of tattooing

The EZ Tact foam features a refined memory foam , which doing great in shock absorbing on the working cartridges. Providing the artist a maximize level of finger comfort never seen before. Not only comfort but also the protection over your hands from the carpal tunnel, numbness in the thumb and fingers in the long session work as well as the finger calluses.

  1. A foam that fit most of All.

The foam would compatible and work in the most of the one piece construction (Integrated) cartridges in the market. No matter what cartridge you are using, we are just concerning about your comfort.

Available color : cool gray , light orange, jungle green, dark red

Protect artist, your fingers deserve it.

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