EZ Derm Defender Tattoo Adhesive Protective Shield

  • Марка: EZ Tattooing
  • Кат. номер: EZ-PREMIUM-DERM-DEF

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Specification: 1 Roll

Size : ( 15cm x 10M )

EZ Derm Defender Tattoo Adhesive Protective Shield  is specially designed to provide your the prompt recovery during the healing stage of tattoo wound.  

-Acting as the protecting shield against the dirt, bacteria and abrasion in order to keep away any potential interference to your fresh tattoo.

-The Derm Defender is the light and waterproof composite bandages which allow you to swim or shower and even protect your clothes and bed sheets from stains/friction. 

 -The polyurethane film(PU) of the bandage that remains on and protects the skin after tattooing, allows for optimal breathable and flexible to keep the skin heal efficiently and naturally.  

Features for the Premium Derm Defender : 

-More Thin, 

-Extra Smoothness on Touching

-Gentle to Skins 

-Hypoallergenic, flexible , durable ,breathable , waterproof

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