EZ Master Pro Tattoo RCA Cord

  • Марка: EZ Tattoo - Make Easy Tattooing
  • Кат. номер: EZ-MASTER-CABLE-RCA


Tangle Free
Premium quality silicone jacket cable with enhanced flexibility allows for tangle–free, seamless and unobstructed operation for the tattoo machine. With Master Pro Tattoo Cord, you can focus on what truly matters.

Durable Strain Relief Design
Durable is an important focus of design process in Master Pro Tattoo Cord. With the advantage of strain relief design, we were able to deliver the longer bend lifespan of the cable.
Specifications :
Connector Type : RCA, DC, Hawk Style
Cable Length : 6FT/ 1.8m
Type of Cable: Silicone Jacket Cable
Weight : 40grams

35,00 лв.
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