Eternal Tattoo Ink - Maxx Black

  • Марка: Eternal Tattoo Ink USA
  • Кат. номер: ETERNAL-MAXX-BLK

Eternal Ink MAXX Black is a smooth, opaque, single pigment black tattoo ink without a colour shift or undertone. A truly black ink that goes in black and stays black!


Suitable for line work, shading or thinned to create your own dark Greywash. 


Developed over many years by the Eternal Ink Research & Design team, Maxx Black has a thinner viscosity than Eternal Triple Black and a similar one to Eternal Lining Black for comparison.


The search for a blacker, darker pigment source became a global effort in itself and Eternal Ink came close to success several times. In November 2018, all the hard work, searching, creating and testing finally paid off and Eternal Ink MAXX Black was produced.


Labelled - blacker than the bottom of the inside pocket of the Grim Reapers black cloak – Eternal Ink MAXX Black is The Blackest Tattoo Ink available..

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