Dynamic Tattoo Ink - Grey Wash Set 4x120ml. (4oz.)

  • Brand: Dynamic Tattoo Ink USA
  • Cat No: DYN-GREY-WASH-SET-4x120

Dynamic Ink presents their long-awaited Greywash Set containing 4 unique blends for Black & Grey perfection. This set was created using their original black formula, which is one of the most popular and most used black inks in the market.

Dynamic is known for their outstanding quality inks using purest hospital-grade water that is filtered, distilled and UV sterilized in their factory during the manufacturing process. That makes the #00 Mixing Solution in their washes one of the purest and guarantees stable quality and consistency in every bottle.

Produced to the highest standards available and with an addition of Witch Hazel, this Greywash Set will set new standards in the industry. Bottle size: 4oz.


This Dynamic Greywash Set contains:

#20 - A thin wash and lightest of the set.

#40 - A smooth light-mid tone wash.

#60 - A deep and silky true medium toned wash.

#80 - The darkest of the set, a deep and full-bodied wash.

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