Easycleaning® Disinfectant Surface Wipes - Box of 100

  • Марка: Easytattoo® MBA France

Easycleaning® antiseptic and disinfectant wipes - Box of 100

The Easycleaning® wipes are imbued with an antiseptic and disinfectant solution for the antisepsis of hands and disinfection of objects, surfaces and non-invasive Class I medical devices.

TP1 and TP2 biocide product registered under the number 41011.

Microbiological properties of the imbued solution

Bactericidal : contact time 30 s to 5 min ( see datasheet )

Levuricidie : contact time 30 s to 15 min ( see datasheet )

Virucidal : contact time 30 s to 15 min ( see datasheet )

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