Dynamic Tattoo Ink - Triple White - 240ml.(8oz.)

  • Марка: Dynamic Tattoo Ink USA
  • Кат. номер: DYN-TRIPLE-WHT-240

Triple the whiteness of your white ink with Dynamic Triple White. The more concentrated version of the original Dynamic White (WD1) is perfect for adding white ink to your work straight from the bottle. Triple White is great for creating highlights, white accents as well as bigger white areas in any tattoo.

From a viscosity standpoint, Triple White lies between Dynamic Ink Mixing White, which is made primarily for creating blends from primary colours, and Heavy White, which is very thick and even more concentrated and therefore made to be thinned down to your liking.

Dynamic Tattoo Ink has long been a favourite in tattoo studios around the world. A pre-dispersed, premium ink designed to help tattoo artists carry out bolder, long-lasting colours. Dynamic Inks have a reputation for going into the skin very easily and staying the same tone after healing.

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