Dragonhawk Slip Rotary Tattoo Machine

  • Кат. номер: DRAGONHAWK-SLIP

Dragonhawk Slip rotary tattoo machine

This machine has two different rubber bands to adjust the gun hitting hard and soft, very easy control and get 5 levels tattoos hitting. The Slip machine is lightweight only 72g, like a paintbrush and it's perfectly balanced. This rotary tattoo machine can be used for traditional realism, new school, blackwork, oriental dotwork, letterings, and beyond. Slip tattoo machine stroke length can be changed from 1.0mm to 5.0mm, easy to push large round liner sizes needles, better for dot work and realism. It is compatible with standard and cartridge tattoo needles and has smooth, stable performance even when used with low voltages.


  • Weight: 72.5g
  • Machine Size: 70mm*60mm
  • Stroke Length: 1-5mm
  • Speed: 6V/5000Rpm
  • Working Voltage: 5-8V

Adjustable hard and soft hitting

Package includes:

  • 1 x Slip Rotary Tattoo Machine
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