LACEnano Тattoo Мachine (BOX)

  • Марка: Lacenano Tattoo Machines
  • Кат. номер: LACE-NANO

With every LACEnano box you get:

Product Description

This is the whole kit. Everything you need to get started except for a pedal;

The famous LACEnano magnetic drive brushless tattoo machine, the power supply, wall wart with international plugs, and power cable.

And as a bonus it’s all packed in a sturdy aluminium flight case so you can throw it in your air luggage when you go to conventions without worries of anything getting damaged.

LACEnano rotary tattoo machine- Technical information

  • 40W long-life proprietary brushless motor
  • Magnetic drive
  • Infinitely adjustable stroke from 0 to 6mm without tools
  • Infinitely adjustable give (softness) without tools
  • Weight: 46g (Including the motor)
  • Machined from a solid block of aircraft aluminum
  • High quality Neutrik (R) connectors
  • Innovative tube clamping system. The LACEnano tattoo machine is a rotary machine because it is driven by an electric motor (a brushless one). But it feels much more like a coil machine because the drive system is magnetic like with a coil machine and so it has the same kind of give that a coil machine has. As you know coil machines don’t work very well with cartridge needles because the simulated give mechanism in a cartridge (the rubber or metal spring inside) works against the natural magnetic give of the machine. It is the same with the LACEnano and so we only recommend using classic needles with it, no cartridges!
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