Ink Machines - RPS-600 Wireless Power Supply incl. 2 Powepacks

  • Марка: Inkmachines
  • Кат. номер: INKMAC-RPS600


Output Wireless: 5-13V
Output Cable: 4-18V
Compatibility by cable: Various machines and foot switches
Connections: ¼ phono (6.35mm)
LCD display: 2.7” 60x33mm
Powerpack Weight: 65g
Powerpack Capacity: Aprox 5 hours each
Powerpack Battery life: Aprox 500 charging cycles
Powerpack compatibility: Dragonfly / Stingray
Powerpack Charging: Aprox 1 hour
Footswitch: Wireless included
USB: YES (Only for software upgrades)
Operating temp: 10-35 ̊C Indoor use only
Input Power: 100-240V 50-60Hz


Package Includes:

1  RPS-600 main unit
1  WFS Wireless foot switch
2  Powerpacks

1  Power adapter 24V including power cord
1  USB cable
1  Custom fitted plastic case

All you need to get wireless with your Dragonfly or Stingray machines. Get extra Powerpacks if you use more machines here

Made In Sweden
RPS-600 is patent pending and design protected.

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