Inkjecta Ergo Cartridge Grip in Red

  • Марка: InkJecta Tattoo Machines

The disposable, textured, ergonomic, cartridge grips, or "Textured Ergo Cart Grips" from Inkjecta 
are made from a special material that absorbs vibrations perfectly. The Inkjecta Ergo Grips 
are to be used with the Cheyenne Hawk Cartridge System, are ergonomically designed and 
due to the dents they sit in your hand perfectly. 
Every Grip was EO gas sterilized and is packed individually. 

- To be used with the Cheyenne Cartridges
- To be used with the Inkjecta Flite Nano
- To be used with the Inkjecta Flite V2.1 Vice Version
- Ergonomic textured design for perfect grip
- Disposable product
- Reduces vibrations
- EO (ethylene oxide) sterilized
- Individually packed 
- Content: 1 unit

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