Eternal Tattoo Ink - Andrea Afferni Portrait Set 10x30ml.

  • Марка: Eternal Tattoo Ink USA
  • Кат. номер: ETERNAL-AFFERNISET-10X30


  • Eternal Ink
  • Andrea Afferni Portrait Set
  • 10 Colour Set 1oz (30ml) в луксозна принтирана кутия
  • 1oz Bottle


Creating the illusion of reality in portrait art requires an experienced eye for color. The Andrea Afferni Portrait Set is an essential set of subtle flesh tones designed to simplify this challenge. Added to an existing ink palette, these 10 inks provide an ideal foundation for portraits, figures, and pin-ups. The skin tones will help soften transitions from light to shadowed flesh without losing the vitality of life in your art. As always, the Andrea Afferni Portrait Set is mixed to Eternal Ink's impeccable standard of ink consistency and color-match excellence.


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